Your VPN App Is Leaking Your Data

Get a Keezel instead.

Back in January of last year, an analysis of 300 Android VPNs found that 84 percent of them leaked users’ web traffic, 38 percent contained malware or malvertising, and 18 percent didn’t even encrypt data. So you really need something better.

Keezel Image

You need a Keezel. Because the Keezel:

  • Encrypts your internet connection and secures all the data travelling from your devices to the web so you can keep using all that free WiFi without risking getting your passwords, credit card details, or even identity stolen
  • Blocks access to known malicious websites so if you click a link that’s trying to infect your device or send you to a fake website, the Keezel will simply deny access
  • Blocks ads so you’re not followed around wherever you go on the web by ads for that one product you checked out months ago
  • Replaces your public IP with a random one that can’t be traced back to you or your devices so your Internet Service Provider, network admin, or even government won’t be able to monitor what you do online
  • Lets you access your home network and country-restricted servicesfrom anywhere, anytime so you can watch or listen to your favourite programmes when you’re travelling abroad
  • Unblocks websites so you can access your local services from anywhere in the world
  • Protects all your WiFi IoT devices so you don’t end up with an infected or hacked home network that puts every gadget you own at risk
  • Charges your phone on the go so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice

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