They’re watching your every click and you don’t even know it…

But you can stop it.

Because your government doesn’t need to know what you do online and neither does your Internet Service Provider.

Keezel Image

Keezel can keep all those prying eyes and busybodies away from your browsing activity, whether it’s a government dragnet sweeping everyone’s online presence or your ISP collecting data that they then sell to marketing companies who want to serve you ads based on your browsing habits.

  • Keezel encrypts your internet connection using VPN technology and replaces your public IP address (the one your ISP assigned to you) with a different one that cannot be associated with you
  • Keezel lets you choose any server out of its 1250+ in more than 160 locations so you can appear to be browsing the internet from whatever country/city you want
  • Keezel separates your purchasing info from your browsing activity: we know you bought a Keezel (because we’ve had to ship it to you) but we have no idea what you do online while using it and our VPN partners only see your activity as coming from “Keezel_user_X,” and that X (identifier) gets randomly changed and reset on a regular basis.

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