Keezel reaches 540% and $325,741 during crowdfunding campaign

August 24, 2015

Amsterdam, NL

Keezel makes it into the top 5 all time successfully funded Dutch Indiegogo / Kickstarter campaigns. Raising funds continues during ‘InDemand’ phase.

After breaking 100% of its goal in 4 days, Keezel ends its initial crowdfunding phase at more than 5x the initially set goal. With more than 1,700 funders from over 60 countries, Keezel has jump started its business to bring online freedom to people around the world.

With keezel, users can protect their online identity and activities on (public) WiFi networks, like in coffee shops, hotels and airports. Keezel safeguards personal and business data completely wirelessly. It also allows users to use the internet as if they are in another country, making censored content accessible everywhere.

“We are thrilled to see this result. The amount we raised shows that there is great worldwide demand for a secure, private, free, and open Internet. Surpassing our initial goal not only allows us to realise this great product but to make improvements that would not have been on the table with a tighter budget. We have backers from all five continents who provided valuable support, suggestions and feedback.„Aike Müller, CEO and co-founder of Keezel

Keezel now enters the InDemand phase on Indiegogo. People will still be able to support keezel and become part of the first group of people to receive the device, planned for December 2015.

About the product

Keezel provides online freedom to everyone on every device. Keezel makes internet security and privacy easy to use and accessible to everyone. Other VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions do exist, but keezel is unique because it works with all WiFi devices and more secure than software solutions. Moreover, it can secure multiple devices at the same time. Keezel is portable and sits wirelessly between your devices and the Internet, creating encrypted connections via network of different VPN providers and ensuring that the user can browse both securely and privately.

About the Keezel Company

Keezel is an Amsterdam based company founded in 2015 that believes that the internet should be available for everyone in the same way. Keezel helps everyone enjoy their online freedom. Online freedom means protecting your privacy and security and at the same time enjoying a free and open internet. Keezel is founded by Aike Müller and Friso Schmid.

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