Introducing keezel, World’s First Plug-and-Play Secure VPN device

January 4, 2016

Las Vegas, US – CES 2016

Keezel is an all-in-one VPN, charging and security solution for global internet access

Keezel Company ( announced today the launch of their flagship product, the keezel device and service, a security and privacy solution that provides customers around the world with safe, open internet and the largest and most resilient Virtual Private Network (VPN) in existence. Keezel lets users browse privately and securely on any device, anywhere they go.

In 2016, internet has become a global utility. Developing countries are signing on at a rapid pace and, in countries where web technology has two decades of history, consumers are now able to browse and discover content pretty much anywhere, at any time. While the internet continues to grow, consumer privacy and security remains stagnant. Hackers are taking down everything from giant healthcare and financial companies to your neighbor’s credit score.

Keezel is the world’s first plug-and-play secure VPN device, a user-friendly hotspot that, as hardware, offers more security and flexibility than traditional VPN software. The keezel device and service was created by Keezel Company to allow users to browse privately and securely on any device, wherever they travel. Keezel is a security and privacy solution that provides customers worldwide with safe, open internet and the largest and most resilient Virtual Private Network (VPN) in existence.

Aike Müller, CEO and co-founder of Keezel Company, set out to create a device that would solve the security issues he encountered while traveling to and working at different client locations. While using public Wi-Fi in airports, cafes, client offices, and hotels, Müller noted he was far more susceptible to information theft, identity theft and credit card fraud.

“The need for protection was apparent and VPN is a widely recommended solution,” Müller stated. “The solution I came up with, keezel, helps against malicious hackers from accessing a user’s data. I wanted a step up from conventional VPN software. An always on solution for all devices that anyone can use.”

Users can connect to any Wi-Fi internet connection with the protection of Keezel Company’s large VPN network. Keezel Company has partnered with several VPN providers so users experience unprecedented experience and security anywhere they go. keezel creates a Wi-Fi network or enhances a user’s home network for the best experience.

Keezel also tackles another common issue for travelers: dead devices. With keezel, users can charge a device, secure all of their devices and browse privately, all at once.

“We engineered keezel to have great battery, for itself and to share. With a battery that is larger than most powerbanks on the market today, keezel brings total peace of mind for the digital nomad: secure and private connectivity combined with portable power.”

In addition to providing top-notch security, keezel offers many of the typical benefits associated with a VPN, namely the ability to access favorite social media sites, sports games, and TV shows, even in countries where internet freedom is limited. keezel’s open source technology is powered by a dual-core ARM processor. The device itself has two physical wireless modules, a 7000mah battery, a USB host port and a Micro USB charging port.

About Keezel Company

With online and personal lives becoming increasingly entwined, it’s never been more important for web users to take security and privacy seriously. Keezel Company developed its keezel device and service to bring top-notch online security and privacy to consumers on the go, across all devices. keezel is an easy-to-use device that unlocks secure, fast and reliable browsing for all, no matter where someone may be. Through its partnerships with multiple VPN providers, Keezel Company offers users one of the largest and most resilient VPN networks in the world. Keezel devices will begin shipping to more than 70 countries in March 2016 and will be available in retail stores starting in 2016. Keezel is based in Amsterdam and was established in February 2015.

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