Moving abroad? Pack a Keezel in your suitcase!

Never leave home without online privacy & security!

Moving to a new country is stressful enough, so let the Keezel worry about keeping all your data and precious memories safe.Keezel Image

With everything else that happens when you move to a new country, securing your data & devices might not even make the list of things on your mind, but getting a Keezel can save you a lot of headache that you surely don’t need:

  • It keeps your browsing activities safe from your new Internet Service Provider and government – the surveillance and aggregated data selling rules for ISPs aren’t exactly the first things you check about a new country, so why risk being spied on or spammed by ads?
  • You might not even get an internet connection for a few weeks after you’ve moved, so you’ll be relying heavily on public WiFi, wherever you can find it, which is almost like serving your info & passwords & credit card info on a silver platter to hackers – you don’t need the trouble of dealing with changing all your passwords and being on the phone with your bank all day, do you?
  • And once you get internet installed, what about finding that you can’t access your streaming services from back home because of geo-blocking?

Keezel is the perfect solution to all these things, so don’t forget to put it on your packing list!

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