Make your own internet.

Don’t be at the mercy of bad public wifi.

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Public wifi is everywhere nowadays, which makes the Keezel a must. All these open networks expose your info and devices to easy hacking and even easier snooping, so using a Keezel to encrypt your connection is the best thing you can do to protect your personal data.

But even though it’s everywhere, that doesn’t mean public wifi can’t be a pain to use sometimes:

– maybe the connection is bad

– maybe you need to make a (voice or video) call over the internet and a crowded coffee shop is definitely not the best place for that, or

– maybe you’d just rather do your work from a park bench or a beach chair instead of a co-working space for a change.

In all of these situations where public wifi just doesn’t cut it, you need to make your own internet. And then of course secure it with a Keezel.

And with a 4G dongle (or internet stick, as some call it) plugged into the Keezel’s USB port, you’ll do just that, create your own secured internet.

We’ve tested a few of these dongles with the Keezel ourselves, so if you’re looking for recommendations, visit our FAQ.

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