Keezel Wins Cyber Startup of the Year 2017 award and announces Keezel for Business

Keezel wins Cyber startup of the year 2017 award hosted by NRC Live as it Announces Keezel for Business solution.


KEEZEL, AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — September 28, 2017 — Keezel (, the company behind the world’s first wireless VPN security device, won the Startup NRC Cyber Security Award during the annual NRC Cyber(in)security Conference.

Keezel is an easy-to-use, portable device that secures internet connections on any device, anywhere. With just the push of a button, the Keezel encrypts the user’s connection to protect all of his or her online data from hackers. On top of that Keezel offers ad blocking and anti-phishing filters to reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber security attacks via malware and ransomware.


Keezel for Business

As winner of the Cyber startup of the year 2017 award, Keezel uses this opportunity to announce its plans for Keezel for Business. Keezel for Business aims to bring the same simplicity of applying cyber security measures to the professional user. Two years ago Keezel successfully launched their consumers product on Indiegogo and is currently shipping to crowdfunding backers who supported their campaign in the early days.

Current VPN business solutions are typically software based and run on the computer or phone. They don’t protect on a network level, work poorly with bring your own device policies and still expose professionals to risks when connecting to (Free) Airport WiFi or hotel networks. With a Keezel, the employee’s device will not have to be directly connected to any other WiFi network than the corporate or Keezel network. By offering the Keezel for Business solution, companies can benefit from the network-level protection that a physical device brings.

“Large companies have employees connecting their devices and exposing their professional data on thousands of public WiFi networks every single day” said Keezel Co-Founder and CEO Aike Müller. “We are seeing risks across the entire spectrum, from freelancers in coffee shops, to small and medium enterprises like law firms and accountancy firms. It goes all the way up to the largest corporates. Everyone is struggling to keep their workforce and corporate data secure, but it isn’t easy. Keezel for Business will be the last WiFi network they will ever have to connect to, becoming a global secure extension of the corporate network.

“Winning this NRC cybersecurity award is special indeed” added Friso Schmid, Keezel Co-Founder and COO. “The voting audience consisted of CISO, CEO’s and other security experts. They clearly saw a benefit in our product to the problems they face every day.”

Keezel for Business is in pilot mode and inviting interested companies (small, medium and large) to apply to participate in the Keezel for Business pilot via


About the Keezel Company

The Keezel Company developed Keezel to bring top-notch online security and privacy to consumers and businesses on the go, across all devices. Keezel is an easy-to-use device that unlocks secure, fast and reliable encryption for all, at home or on the road. Through its partnerships with multiple VPN providers, Keezel offers users one of the largest and most reliable VPN networks in the world. Keezel has locations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (established February 2015) and Newport Beach, California. For more info visit


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