Keep Your Credit Card Info Safe Online with These 5 Tips

Here’s how to keep your hard-earned money safe while using your card online

Check the website address

Tip no.1: Always make sure the URL of the website you’re at starts with HTTPS and not just HTTP.

Tip no. 2: Always check that there is a padlock icon before the URL in the address bar.

Padlock and HTTPS

Protect your personal info

Tip no. 3: Never give out info such as your social security number, date of birth or passwords when buying something online. If a website is asking for that, it’s clearly a ruse to steal your money, identity, or both.

Online Shopping Photo

Tip no. 4: Enable two-step verification – have the bank send you a text message on your phone with a code to authorize every online transaction. This way you’ll always be alerted if the card is being used without your permission.

Verification code on phone

Tip no. 5: Encrypt your connection – use a Keezel to secure and protect your connection so that the info you submit to websites is safe from hackers.

Extra tip: Never, ever bank or shop online while on a public WiFi network. You’re just begging to have your info stolen. Always use a Keezel when on public WiFi!

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