Boy, were we wrong!

We thought making the internet safe again would be enough, but turns out we were wrong. That was just the beginning.

Now we’ve got some big plans we want to share with you:

Keezel Image

Sure, there was VPN out there, for many years actually… You probably used it for work or as a consumer. We wanted to take it many steps further. Sure your Keezel encrypts everything you do online. Plus, it hides your IP-address and makes it hard for others to track you, but we are doing more…

  • Keezel has a built-in Ad-blocker that keeps out those pesky ads (and the malware they sometimes contain)
  • Keezel has an anti-phishing switch to protect you when you click on a link that would bring you to a dangerous website.
  • And there will be apps. Dedicated apps for you to download in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. These are a bonus. Not necessary to use, but will give you greater control over your Keezel.

We’ll keep you posted!

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