Best gadget for the frequent traveller

Losing your luggage is bad.Losing your private info, files, or credit card details is worse

Keep it all safe with a Keezel.

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When you travel a lot, the public WiFi in airports, coffee shops, bars etc is your best friend. Unfortunately, it’s also a hacker’s best friend too, which means your private data, passwords, pictures, credit card info is at risk of being stolen every time you connect.

Another good friend of any traveller? Hotels. And anybody who’s spent their fair share of time in hotels knows that it’s best not to connect without encryption in order to protect your info. And when it comes to accessing business or clients’ info, if you can’t secure it first, you might be in for a world of trouble.

To add insult to injury, hotels often ask you to pay extra for any new device you want to connect to the internet – with the Keezel, you only need one WiFi voucher; you connect the Keezel to the WiFi and then all your other devices to the Keezel. All of them get internet, all of them get protected from hackers and trackers.

Also, if you’ve travelled the world, you know that the internet is not the same everywhere. Some countries block Google or YouTube, some social media websites, some VoIP services.

And most countries geo-block streaming services, meaning you can’t access the same library of shows or music you do in your home country or if you can, you might find that your online video on demand service doesn’t have your favourites in your own language.

In all these situations, Keezel is your solution. And your new best friend.

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